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Operations Work

Our Rope Access Technicians are all IRATA-certified and are committed to practice safety in their jobs.  As we always strive to provide the best for our clients, our technicians are specially selected by us to ensure the quality of service we deliver to our clients.  At SB, all the technicians engaged by us are local Singaporeans, reason being not only we believe in delivery of quality work but also, we believe in helping our fellow Singaporeans.  In look of the global pandemic of the COVID-19 that affected many companies, our company is committed to continue delivering quality and SAFE service to our clients and providing a source of income for our fellow Singaporeans.

WHY use Rope Access?

Rope Access is a highly recommended solution if accessibility to that particular area is challenging using gondolas or other methods.  It can also be used to access indoor and tight areas where space is limited.  The benefits for using rope access is that it is fuss-free, mess-free and can usually be done within a shorter time frame, thus more efficient.  






WHERE are suitable for Rope Access Work?

In fact, anywhere as long as there is a point where we can securely rig up our ropes.   Some common job sites are on commercial buildings, residential buildings, private houses, vessels and oil rigs.  Rope access work can be carried out for works required outdoors as well as indoors.  If you are unsure whether rope access solution is feasible at a particular area, do not hesitate to give us a call or email us to book an appointment for site survey by our experienced rope access staff.  The best part is, our site survey is absolutely free of charge!

OVERSEAS Assignments / Jobs

Apart from carrying out rope access work in Singapore, we also provide overseas services as per our Clients' requests. Our technicians have experience working overseas and offshore on vessels, shipyards and oil rigs.  Please kindly email us to enquire further.

WHAT kind of work can we do?


We have an IRATA-certified team of technicians, who are ever-ready to help you solve any access-difficulties on commercial, condominiums and HDB buildings, for Cleaning and Maintenance Work, Installating & Dismantling (removal) of Stickers / Decals / Banners / Signages / Plants, Replacing glass panels, troubleshooting for Lighting, Painting work, Sealant application, Rescue Work, Photo-Taking of certain areas needed for repair, etc.  You can rest assured for a job well-done with our dedicated team who is responsible and takes pride in their work.



Windows-cleaning, buildings facades cleaning, sealant application, barnacles-cleaning on vessels and oil rigs, etc.

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