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About Us

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SB Rope Access Specialist is a member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA O/T 3072).  Our office and training facility is located in Singapore (Henderson Road).  We provide Rope Access Training (Level 1, 2 and 3) and Operations Work such as building maintenance, painting, installations and dismantling, etc, both locally as well as overseas.

Our Mission

Our founders share the common mission of being a premium Rope Access Training Centre and a leader in Rope Access Operations work, both in Singapore and South East Asia.  They endeavour to provide excellent service, training and facility, with a personal touch of sincerity, kindness and compassion for all living beings. 


They each have their own strengths and lead different areas within this company they founded together, all based on their friendship, and trust.  They are committed to serve their clients, regardless if they are big companies or individuals such as the hard-labour foreign workers, regardless of status, race, language and religion, treating their clients with utmost sincerity and good intentions, thinking ahead for their clients and providing the most suitable and efficient solution for the required work with quality assurance, without compromising on safety.  They make sure their team strives to excel in every task and keep themselves current in the industry. 


They are nature-lovers and play their part to be environmentally-friendly by going digital as much as possible and reducing paper usage.  They also love having plants around the office.  They are dedicated in providing a warm and encouraging environment for learning, be it during training or operations work. 

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Our Vision

Our founders’ vision is to inspire others to identify their own strengths as they did, plant hopes in others and spread positivity from themselves, their workplace, to the world, in spite of any humble beginnings one may have.  When there is hope in life, there is purpose and love in this world.   

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