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PETZL-Authorised Training Centre

SB Rope Access Specialist is an authorised training centre for Petzl PPE Inspection/Verifier course.

Petzl PPE Inspection course allows one to gain appropriate knowledge and ability in thorough examination of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for protection against falls from height, and to achieve a certificate of competence. 

The objectives of this module are:

To become able to thoroughly examine Petzl PPE using the Petzl protocol and explain any decisions taken (with the products covered being PPE for protection against falls from height, impacts and slips).


N.B. Independent of the products inspected during the module, having successfully met the requirements of the assessment, the candidate will have the ability to examine the complete range of Petzl PPE when following the Petzl PPE examination protocol.

  • Introduction to risk assessment and associated decision


  • An explanation of the potential hazards associated with the

       use of PPE for protection against falls from height.

  • Understand the legislation and current requirements

       regarding the control of PPE for protection against falls from

       height, its creation, markings and placement on the market.

  • The notion of a ‘competent person’.

  • Explanation of the general principles of using PPE for

       protection against falls from height.

  • Explanation of the practical uses of PPE for protection

       against falls from height.

  • The notion of the employer’s responsibilities and those of

       the PPE examiner.

  • Understanding a technical notice.

  • Awareness of the principle actions of the examiner;

       maintenance, returns under guarantee, removal of products

       from service.

  • Awareness of the principle corrective actions; information

      to provide for the users and/or their management system.

  • The necessary tools and work environment in order to 

       perform the efficient examination of such PPE.

  • Presentation and use of Petzl’s examination protocol.

  • Pre-use checks, special inspections, thorough

       examinations, signs and symptoms, significance of any

       defects, criteria for removal from service.

  • To identify defects and damage which would result in the

       item being removed from service.

  • Completing inspection reports effectively.

  • Designated persons, those responsible for examination of PPE for protection against falls from height.

  • Those persons responsible for the management of a company’s stock of PPE for protection against falls from height (sport and professional).

  • Company owners and employers who have the responsibility of PPE thorough examination, self-employed workers, Health and Safety managers.

  • Professionals with the responsibility for others using PPE for protection against falls from height. E.g. instructors, supervisors, team leaders and trainers.

  • Third party suppliers of PPE for protection against falls from height examination services.

  • Users of PPE for protection against falls from height who wish to expand their knowledge and ability by carrying out thorough examinations of such PPE.

  • Petzl Technical Partners.

  • Significant practical experience within the field of verticality with relevant fall protection equipment.​

Learning support and certification
  • Technical documents and module workbook.

  • Certificate of attendance and Certificate of Competence.

  • Validity of this Petzl Solution module is 3 years. After or during this time the candidate may renew their certification by taking the module VAX 028.

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