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Our Leather tool bag (Vintage) is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also very durable as it is made with 100% genuine buffalo leather oily treated, and constructed with heavy-duty rivets for extra strength.


The main compartment can be secured with a neat-looking cotton niwar loop to prevent your belongings from accidentally falling out.


This tool bag features two pockets for smaller items such as phone and accessories for easy-access.   It also features a bull-pin loop on each side for long tools and 4 steel rings with gunmetal finish for attaching of lanyards to your tools, because we know that having extra safety is absolutely important!!


What's more? It comes with 2 screw gate Carabiners for you to secure the bag to your harness. Yes, your eye did not play tricks on you! (It really comes with 2 screw gate Carabiners!) 


This is a strong and durable tool bag.  It is classy yet it comes with a tinge of ruggardness that leaves a deep impression!

SB Leather Tool Bag (VINTAGE)

S$135.00 Regular Price
S$97.00Sale Price
  • Designed with the mindset for a user who appreciates leather and it’s vintage feel.


    With our founders coming from Rope Access background, SB brings quality and convenience to complement your work as rope access technicians, since we know exactly how it is like being one!

  • Material:

    100% Genuine Buffalo Leather Oily Vintage Treated



    Bull-pin loop on each side

    Tunnel loop belt connection

    Up to 3” belt capacity

    4 Gunmetal Finish Steel Rings

    Cotton niwar loop top


    Suitable for Heavy-duty use, as well as just going for a movie!



    10” depth x 5” length x 9” width ( ±1')

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