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Canvas Tool Bag

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Our Canvas tool bag is not only pleasing to the eye, but it is also very durable and practical, pretty light-weight too! It’s easy to match whatever cool outfit you are wearing!

It is made with industrial grade canvas and constructed for heavy-duty use with it’s rivets for extra strength. The whole bag is easily washable!

The main compartment can be secured with a neat-looking cotton niwar loop to prevent your belongings from accidentally falling out.

This tool bag features two pockets for smaller items such as phone and accessories for easy-access. It also features a bull-pin loop on each side for long tools and 4 steel rings with gunmetal finish for attaching of lanyards to your tools, because we know that having extra safety is absolutely important!!

What's more? It comes with 2 screw gate Carabiners for you to secure the bag to your harness. Yes, your eye did not play tricks on you! (It really comes with 2 screw gate Carabiners!)

In short, this is a strong, durable, sturdy, yet relatively light tool bag that can last a long time… Plus it leaves an impression once people have a glance of it!

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